Monday, April 11, 2005


As mentioned previously, my daughter had a second birthday party this week, this time for friends from her new school, and we took them to the Ascent climbing center This turned out to be pretty cool! Almost all the girls (6 and 7 years old) took a turn trying one of the many routes out of the total of 3500 square feet of climbing available, though several of them felt more comfortable climbing in the practice caves (no ropes, but big thick mats underneath for when you fall).

Tigana climbing

Tigana herself turned out to be fearless and a natural climber, zipping up to the top of the beginner's route twice in short order, which none of the others came close to matching.

Tigana on another wall

I was very impressed with the staff, mostly teen or preteen girls helping out belaying at birthday parties in exchange for free climbing time, not only because they were fabulous with our grade one kids, but because they themselves displayed such self confidence and maturity. We decided on the spot to sign Tigana up for the week long summer camps the climbing center offers.

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