Wednesday, April 04, 2007

M. D. Benoit on Cover Art

Cover of M.D. Benoit's latest novel, Synergy, now available from

Robert: Most writers have stories (positive or negative) about the cover art for their books. Did you choose the artists, or did the publisher?

Dominique: The publisher chose the artist, but I did have some input into the creative process. For instance, I didn’t want people in my covers for the Jack Meter Case File series, because I don’t really describe my main character, Jack Meter. Martine Jardin, the cover artist and designer, came up with the door opening unto the universe, which we’ll keep for the entire series. I liked the concept.

For Synergy, Moor Dragon (who worked on covers for Ursula LeGuin) did the cover. Again, I wanted something that evoked DNA and time. Hence the ribbons and the DNA ladders on the cover.

Robert: How much input did you have over what your covers would look like? Did you get to see preliminary sketches, or did the final cover just turn up as a fait accompli?

Dominique: As I said, I was able to suggest some things, and I saw the covers several times before they were firmed up. I didn’t have final approval, but I didn’t feel ignored, either. On the Synergy cover, I suggested a couple of things I didn’t like, and they were changed.

Robert: How well do you feel the covers reflect the tone/theme/story of the novels?

Dominique: All the covers I have relate to the story inside, which cannot always be said in SF. I’m satisfied with that.

Robert:W hat would your ideal cover for Synergy have looked like?

Dominique: Hmm. That’s kind of a trick question since I’m not an artist. As I said, the cover of Synergy reflects the story inside.

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