Tuesday, April 03, 2007

M. D. Benoit Virtual Tour Here Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Wed April 4, 2007, Dominque (the 'D' in M.D.) Benoit will be here on the next stop of her Virtual Book Tour promoting her new book, Synergy. I will be posting my extensive interview with her (about five posting's worth) and she will be monitoring my blog all day on the 4th to respond to any comments or questions you may have. Should be interesting!

I find the idea of a virtual book tour a fascinating development...googling the "virtual book tour" demonstrates that the concept is already widely in use throughout cyberspace. It represents an interesting compromise between the personal contact available through a book tour and the practical reality that most publishers no longer fund travel to the extent they once did. And such virtual activities somehow make cyberspace's geography more 'real' somehow. I'm sure there's a paper in there somewhere.

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