Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 15

Good productivity today, 2406 words. I also spent (wasted?) a lot of the morning revising what I wrote yesterday. This appears to be a necessary step for me to get back into the story, but the end result is that I am fairly satisfied with what I have so far.

I have taken Line Noise's advice, which was that whenever one runs into a block on one storyline, switch to another. I am now working on an SF novel I started outlining, according to my records, in 1975. But the last outline was 2000, with a scene written in 2002. I am not counting any of the existing scenes (not that there was much more than a couple of short fragments) for my NaNoWriMo word count. of course, but the existence of an outline seems to be helping my forward motion considerably. I probably should have started this novel at the outset to see if I could finish it, but I didn't learn of NaNoWriMo until too late to get organized, so had to start with the short story then at hand. So I have two and a half linked stories completed, with two or three ideas for follow ups if those turn out to be successful. And if I continue on with this novel, I should have a considerable chunk of it done by the end. That would be way cool. Perhaps the momentum will continue into the new year.

Current SF novel is straight-forward adventure novel, so relatively straight-forward to write. No redeeming literary values to worry about at this point, no complicated artistic structures, no unsellable pretensions. just action adventure. Well, given the strictures of NaNoWriMo, that's still aiming high.

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