Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Another productive day as I sprint towards the finish line: 3,519 words today, total: 47,301 (94.6% to target).

I've had to ignore the need for revisions: I notice, for example, that my characters only nod, shake their heads, or shrug while talking -- obviously some need for editing there! And my dialog is filled with "said bookism" -- the dreaded tendency for some writers to use descriptive words (shoulted, exclaimed, argued, agreed, snorted,cried, etc etc.) instead of just "said". Drives me crazy as a reader, and so bit shocked to find myself doing it -- but I'm letting it go in this draft because it's easy enough to fix later when I have time to reflect on which terms should go and which stay.

Watched an episode of House tonight and wonder if my style in this novel has been influenced by it -- the fact that yet again today my heroes have come up with yet another completely wrong theory as to what is going on sort of parallel's the formula of the House series where the first 8 diagnoses always turn out to be wrong.

keep writing myself into corners, and then out of them...but each time end up diverging just a little bit more from original outline. And yet it oddly seems to be coming together...like it turned out in today's scene that the character's previous occupations were a key to their being able to resolve their current crisis -- but I never saw that particular crisis coming nor planned that far ahead -- I just randomly chose occupations for them as I typed frantically to reach that day's quota and pulled their backgrounds out of a hat. So how does that work exactly that 8 chapters later that turns out to be crucial. But no one will believe it and just assume I manipulated it so it would work out as necessary plot coupons. (Plot coupon == where the kid goes on adventure, finds cup of swords, sword of hearts, and mystic key, all of which turn out to be exactly what he needed to kill the giant in the end.)

Still enjoying the writing process too much...but I guess I can't give up my day job just yet...

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