Sunday, December 09, 2007

Oahu: Kasia

Giving Kasia her own digital camera for her birthday, just prior to the trip, has proved another brilliant move on Mary’s part. Not only has having her own tiny camera meant that she has not demanded to borrow ours – with all the missed shots, fingers over lenses, and ‘where did you put the camera?” issues that would entail --it has provided us with key insights into Kasia’s experience of the trip. We get that scenery and museums and the like may not hold the same appeal for a four year old as for the rest of us, but it wasn’t until I saw her pictures that I fully realized that a Kasia-eye view of Hawaii is very different. Here we seen Kasia’s view of our scenic car trip to North Ohun and our walking tour through the Polonesnian Cultural Center. Suddenly, we see why these may not be as engaging for her!
a Kasia-eye view of Oahu

Still, Kasia has held up amazingly well, partly because Mary has built in enough breaks so that we don’t burn the kids or ourselves out, and partly because Kasia seems to love it here. She has repeatedly asked why we can’t move here. When I asked her why, she answered “Because it is always summer here.” Can’t argue with that!

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