Sunday, December 09, 2007

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu

After a day at Polynesian Cultural Center, took the day off for just swimming on the beach. Here Kasia tries out swimming with Mom. Tigana also tried snorkeling for the first time, and using a boogie board.

Tigana and I watched the sunset on the beach while a short distance away, a group of tourists were an annoying distraction with their flash cameras. At first I thought they were stupidly trying to use their flash to illuminate the entire beach as the sun set, but as we watched more closely we realized that they were in fact taking pictures of each other on sitting on a bench. Tigana and I were astounded that they shot picture after picture of each other against the blank wall of the hotel. The resulting pictures could have been from anywhere -- a bench and a blank white wall -- while facing the other direction was picture postcard Hawaii. What are we missing here? You travel halfway around the world to NOT take your picture on the beach? Very very odd.






Kids met Santa at a surfer
beach in North Oahu...the local community had just won a long campaign to preserve the shore district from further development and were celebrating with a Santa parade.

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