Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Oahu: Le Mer

Wednesday evening we registered at the Cross-cultural Research Conference (at the Hilton where we were staying), and then Mary and I went out to supper at La Mer, a five star French restaurant recommended by the Basils (who were also kind enough to look after our kids for the evening so we could go). It was a superb meal in a superb setting with outstanding service. The second floor view out over the ocean reminded me of something out of a Bogart movie -- very Tahitian/Casablanca kind of feel. Mary and I tried dishes outside our usual comfort zone on the grounds that if you were going to try something new, it should be the five star version. (Mary and I both have horror stories of thinking we didn't like particular cuisines because our initial exposure was through a substandard example, e.g., I used to think I didn't like Thai, and Mary used to think she didn't like East Indian, etc.) Consequently, Mary ordered the goose, and I had salmon roe for the first time...

Low point of the day was Mary realizing that she had lost her driver's licence and credit cards. Lost, not stolen, since no one had attempted to use them when Mary phoned the credit card company, and she fortunately still had her passport, or we would have had real trouble over the next week getting through security at the cruise ship and getting home.

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