Monday, December 10, 2007

Oahu: Penguins

For weeks prior to the trip, Mary had promised Tigana and Kasia the opportunity to see the Penguins in Hawaii, in reference to the movie Surf’s Up, at which I would invariably protest that there were no penguins in Hawaii, that they lived in Antarctica, and that their mom was pulling their leg. Mom would then argue back with the usual, “who you going to believe, me or Dad?” shtick, to the bemused amusement of all involved. At Turtle Bay, Mary presented the kids with two toy penguins to further confuse the issue, implying that these were the promised penguins.

Of course, the setup was based on Mary’s Internet research that the Hilton Hawaiian Village had a colony of penguins within its grounds. Thus, we conspired to find out where the penguins were located and to maneuver the kids to the compound at feeding time. It worked great (see photo of Tigana’s reaction.)

Turns out that only two species of penguins actually live at the south pole, and the others live in South Africa and South American and so on, though they are not of course native to Hawaii.

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