Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Interview with me

Interview with me and two other authors from the Tesseracts 15 anthology at Totally Tesseracts blog as part of Tess 15 launch.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Couple of good YouTubes

Morning Dew is unbelievably good photography of morning dew. Worth a look!

Murmuration of Starlings is astounding bit of nature photography.

What is kind of interesting about this last one is this is what happens when you give millions of people digital cameras. Murmuration of starlings is one of those things that you'd used to hear about but you couldn't really get because, okay, it's a bunch of birds flying around, but so? But you see it and you go, "what the heck is that?! Zowie!" and it knocks you over. It's like watching something from an SF movie. But catching that on camera is one of those rare things because you can't really predict it and you can't have a camera crew sitting around for a year waiting. But with 200 million digital cameras out there, sooner or later, some lucky amateur gets something like this.

The first video shows you what someone can do with talent and a really good camera.