Monday, February 13, 2012

Mary Runté Awarded Woman of Distinction

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Excerpted from the Feb 13, 2012 University of Lethbridge Notices Board:

The YWCA Women of Distinction Awards recognize outstanding women who live and work in Southern Alberta.

Through a competitive process, the honourees are chosen from a group of nominations. The awards are based on the candidate’s accomplishments, commitment and leadership.

The Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony is a wonderful venue to showcase the talent and leadership of women in Southern Alberta. Women honoured have been trailblazers, entrepreneurs, innovators, social advocates, and volunteers.

Mary Runte: Woman of Distinction in the Spirit of Women category.

Mary Runté has a Ph.D. in Management from St. Mary's University and an MBA from York. She is an Associate Professor of Strategy and the Director of Social Responsibility in the Faculty of Management at the University of Lethbridge.

Previously, Mary worked with a variety of nonprofit organizations, including Eastside Young Moms and the Society of Special Needs Adoptive Parents (SNAP). Gender inequity, work-family balance, social responsibility and business ethics are her particular areas of interest and research, having numerous publications and having received major research grants to study these issues.

Mary was honoured as distinguished speaker for the Work-Life Conference at the University of Ochanamizu, Tokyo, Japan in 2007. She is the founding Division Chair for the Social Responsibility Interest Group of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada.

Her tireless support of her students, especially female students in non-traditional fields, and her one-on-one mentoring throughout their academic careers is done on a volunteer basis. She is an incredible role model for students and colleagues alike as she advocates ceaselessly for ethical and principled business behaviour.

From the Lethbridge Hearld, Monday, Feb 13, 2012.:

Runté credits her daughters as her inspiration to connect with other women.
"They are very different, unique souls, and to just be able to see that and to recognize that is one of the greatest honours I have in life; to be able to nurture that and allow it to grow without interference, but with support," she said. "And I say that with my students as well. Male and female, sometimes what they need is just to be noticed."

Runte is known for tirelessly supporting her pupils, particularly female students studying non-traditional fields, as well as her volunteer one-on-one mentoring.
"It's really validating when people notice something that you do simply because it's what you do," she said of winning the award.

I am incredibly proud of Mary. I of course was aware of the impact she was having before the award, but it's nice to see her get some recognition for the work that she does.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Brilliant movie. I especially recommend the 3D version: excellent use of 3D effects without being cheesy. The casting was excellent, the direction flawless, and the spirit of the book could not have been better realized. An excellent adventure story with a payoff of understanding the origin of film. I took my 13 yr old and she loved the film as much as I and it initiated a great conversation on the history of the movies. Anyone remotely interested in the movies as an art form HAS to see this movie; everyone else should enjoy a really superb movie about a young boy's quest and the little side stories about life and love in the Paris railway station.