Thursday, February 27, 2003

A number of unrelated sightings today:

An amusing video by an exAmerican on moving to Canada

A couple of interesting items on blogging forwarded by Randy Reichardt
Blogs and Research

Blogging Comes to Harvard

Here is an item that fits in well with discussion with my Social Studies Majors re the difference between information, entertainment, and propaganda, forwarded to me by colleague Rick Hesch, from the global village maillist:

"..."Profiles From the
Front Line," the latest in a long string of reality shows. The show, which
airs Thursday, will feature footage of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and other
locales. There are at least two other such shows in the works on other
networks. Read the text at the links below to get a sense of the disturbing
nature of the collaboration between the entertainment producers and the
Pentagon. There is some overlap but you'll find a bit of new, disturbing
information in each article.,3858,4418509,00.html

Tanya Barber
Global Village School

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