Friday, March 16, 2012


After putting it off for a long time, finally got around to updating Blogger template. But it has meant losing all the comments on previous posts. So it looks like no one has ever commented on my blog, which isn't quite right.

The problem is that I had been using a third party comment system rather than Blogger's because Blogger's original comment system never worked properly (problem with being an early adopter); but then the third party commenting software only worked for some readers -- others emailed complaints that their comments didn't take, or that it inserted eleven copies of their comments, or etc. I could never figure out why it only affected some readers and not others. Browser differences? Window vs Mac? Never seemed consistant. And then the third party company was bought out by another company; and then Blogger updated their system, which seemed to make the third party code work sometimes and not others, depending on how they got to the post.... And well, at some point, it was just getting stupid. Hit the wall this week when March 12 post received 400 hits, but only one comment on what should have been fairly provocative topic. When I tried, even I couldn't get it to accept my comment, so clearly nothing was working. So finally updated my template and even though that meant losing third party code, and have reverted to new and much improved Blogger interface for comments.

Now if no one comments, it's because no one's reading the blog anymore. (Well, who blogs in the age of Facebook?)

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Line Noise said...

Did you save the comments others made on your blog?

If so i would like to have a copy of what i wrote.